Whether you are looking to up your athletic performance, getting in shape for a wedding, or just trying to become healthy and fit, we have a plan that can work for you.  Please contact me for more information on pricing and options!

Phone: (480) 768-7333

Semi-Private Training

Get in shape with a small group of friends, family, or clients with similar goals (Max of 4 individuals per session).

Private Training

Get 100% private, individualized, and focused training.


Muscles feeling tight? Joints aching? We can assess your needs and strategically increase your range of motion with 1-on-1 table-based stretching.

Online Exercise & Nutrition Coaching

Don’t live near Scottsdale, Arizona?  Not a problem.  We can build you an individualized exercise program and work with you on nutrition, regardless of where you live.

Large Group Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning for fat loss and athletic performance ($10 Drop-in!).

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