Bro Splits Vs. Full Body Workouts for Strength and Muscle Growth

It has long been recognized that volume is a key mediator of muscle growth.  Thus, from a muscle growth perspective, the idea of using high volumes has some merit.  Considering that mechanical tension, muscular damage, and metabolic stress appear to be the primary drivers of hypertrophy, increasing volume should in theory contribute to greater muscular […]

Fascial Stretch Therapy – Interview With Devoted Fitness & Foxy Fitness

David:  Tell me a little bit about your fitness backgrounds, interests, and careers?   Jenna: I’ve been a certified personal trainer for almost 5 years. I’ve previously held certifications with the American Council on Exercise, however; I am currently certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise […]

3 Surprising Fitness Myths: The Research

By: David Larson, MS, CSCS*D, Pn1   Icing after a workout will speed recovery Athletes and celebrities around the world are constantly hopping into ice baths after a practice or hard workout.  After all, everyone knows this speeds recovery and reduces muscle soreness – right? Not so fast.  Recent research actually indicates otherwise.  One study […]

6 Things I’ve Noticed From Experience 1

By: David Larson, MS, CSCS*D, Pn1 Unlike the majority of articles I write, this one isn’t entirely based on research studies. Rather, it is based on observations that years of training experience has brought me. I’ve had the luxury of training hundreds of people, ranging from elite athletes to figure competitors to post-surgical hip replacement clients. Luckily, […]

The Functional Training Scam 1

By: David Larson, MS, CSCS,*D, Pn1 Key Points: Most fitness centers and trainers claiming to offer functional training are doing so purely for marketing purposes.  Don’t fall prey to marketing hype from uneducated trainers and gyms, especially when they don’t practice what they preach.   Research indicates that the introduction of instability to traditional exercises […]

How to Increase Sprint Speed 4

By: David Larson, MS, CSCS,*D, Pn1 Introduction Enhancing sprint speed is a primary goal of many athletes.  Typically, the ultimate goal for athletes performing strength training is to develop size, strength, and functional capacity.  Subsequently, these adaptations can then lead to an increase in power generating capacity (Behrens & Simonson, 2011).  Resistance training and resisted […]